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Throughout time individuals on spiritual journeys have turned to seers, prophets and mystics for insight and guidance. This is still true today, but what is also happening is that a growing number of people are waking up to these levels of awareness within themselves and are seeking validation for them and information on how to handle and develop them.

The need for spiritual insight and understanding moves a person to explore ways of developing their own intuition. Intuitive Way was created to offer a grounded space, an accessible curriculum, and experienced guidance for individuals ready to explore and develop their own intuitive abilities.



spiritual insight or perception

instantaneous spiritual communications.

          new shorter Oxford Dictionary



we believe that it is through the practice of one’s intuitive abilities the spirit becomes free to express itself through the body; and that it is through this practice that one is able to illuminate one’s path.


intuition is the light of the soul,

and all men by nature desire this


                   Meister Eckhart