Intuitive Workshops
On the first Monday of every month we offer an Intuitive Workshop open to everyone. These workshops provide an opportunity to explore your intuitive awareness and experience spiritual healing. We start each year off with 7 months covering the 7 major chakras. In the months to follow the topics vary. See our "What's New" page for upcoming topics.

Women's Workshops
Monthly women's workshop held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. These workshops are an opportunity to explore, through meditation and healings, our spirituality and creative powers as women. Check out our "What's New" page for more details.


Creative Meditation 1
This 4-week class involves a step-by-step learning of simple and effective meditation techniques that will help you develop and understand your intuitive awareness. As you practice, your intuitive awareness becomes an integral part of your daily experience. The ability to redefine, reclaim and renew your space (spiritual energy system) at any time, in any situation, changes your life.

Creative Meditation 2
Taking the meditation tools of grounding, running energy and blowing roses, you will begin to use meditation to focus your creative life force energy. Problem solving, telling truth from lies, practicing affirmations through mocking up, calling back your energy from the past to create your future, making meditation a part of your daily lifestyle.

Saturday Morning Class
Each month, we offer a specialized 4-week Saturday class on various topics. July's class is Meditation, Mockups and Manifesting. August is entitled Talking With Spirit. September's class Releasing The Power Within. See "what's new" for more details.

Women's Wellbeing Class
When women get into communication in a safe space, healing occurs. When women can match energy and begin to recognize their own vibration of female creative energy empowerment begins. In this class we will begin to explore female energy, intuition, emotions and healing, all integral parts of every spirit with a female body.


Intuitive Training Program Part 1
Developing your intuitive awareness begins with learning about the spiritual energy system i.e. the aura, chakras and energy channels. Healing involves creating change within this energy system. It begins when you recognize the other person's "space" and validate their ability to heal themselves. Learning to work with a healing guide teaches you to become aware of the healing process which allows you to heal yourself at the same time. This 4 week session is open to all.

Intuitive Training Program Part 2
Through instruction and hands-on experience you learn to identify and repair damage, imbalance and disruption in the spiritual energy system. You will find your ability to sense, or read, energy develops with practice, and that the more you practice, the more you can trust in your awareness. This 4 week session is open to all that have taken Part 1.

Intuitive Training Program Part 3
In Part 3 we focus on learning the tools that enable you to read energy clairvoyantly. You learn how to bring yourself into and out of a light trance, and cultivate neutral awareness, i.e. no resistance to, or judgement about, what you "see". Along with a weekly class you start to participate in weekly reading sessions. These sessions are supervised and provide you with the validation necesssary to develop your clairvoyance. Schedule an interview for more information.

Intuitive Training Program Part 4
During these 6 months, you continue to develop your reading and healing skills. As your awareness of energy increases so does your ability to create change in your own space. Personal growth accelerates as you integrate your spiritual awareness into your daily life. A new alignment starts to form between your 'inner' life and your outer world, empowering you to express your energy more freely and manifest in the world more effectively. Of course there are 'growth periods' along the way and that is why through the Intuitive Training Program you will receive a monthly reading from one of the experienced training staff.



Graduate Program
For graduates of the ITP the graduate program offers an opportunity to continue their development as clairvoyants, and healers. This 6 month program involves three classes per month and participation in a weekly reading. Topics covered in this program include looking at the energies of birth and conception, deprogramming techinques and out of body healing.

One To One Program
The one-to-one program is a uniquely personal psychic adventure. Through the course of 16 sessions, you will learn to practice a deeper level of meditation. You set the direction of your journey with your own goals but the overall aim of this program is for you to explore your spiritual anatomy, clear the control energies out of the body and soul personalities, attain a more profound integration of body and being and increase clarity about your
own life path.

Teachers Program
This 6 month program involves a weekly teaching activity plus a monthly Teacher's meeting. You will gain experience teachin gin Meditation, Healing and Intuitive Training Programs as well as supervising reading sessions and healing clinics. By teaching others how to become more aware of their own space and develop their intuitive awareness yo uwill learn how to read out of trance, access your own knowingness and attain a new level of certainty in your crown chakra. Open to all ITP graduates.

Intuitive Touch Healing Program
The mission of the Intuitive Touch Healing Program is to provide instruction and guidance in practice of Intuitive Touch healings. Healing the astral and spiritual body through physical touch, bringing about increased awareness and enhancing each individual's ability to heal through communication with spirit.
This advanced spiritual healing program is open to all who are interested in taking their healing skills to the next level.

CD Recordings

Studio Meditation CD
3 Meditation Lessons w/ David Pearce
*Grounding *Centering Yourself *Reclaiming Your Space

Live Recorded Workshops
For Women: Emotions and Compulsions

Relationships: Free Will and Personal Space

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